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Pest Free Services is one of the emerging start-up of innovative commercial and residential pest control, fumigation and sanitization service providers who bring a higher level of professionalism to the pest control industry, through its industry experienced service group – The Company has entered the marketplace to provide essential proactive pest elimination services. We offer a wide range of solution to a diverse spectrum of customers whether we serve prestigious, commercial offices, shopping mall, manufacturing unit, production plant, agriculture warehouses, modest housing society or residential building the services we render are always of optimum quality. Pest Free has come to be recognized as one of the Delhi-NCR leading of pest management & fumigation solutions provider.

Pest Free Services is a growing outfit, staffed with industry-experienced pest management professionals. Environmental sanitize and maintenance service that combines Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Green Programss to residential, commercial & industrial customer. We prepared each program to deliver only what is needed for the decisions that real matter to our customers always, is our prime focus.

Pest Free believes in integrated pest management solution which is less dependent upon chemical pesticides and more reliant upon techniques such as exclusion, traps, and surveillance. In this approach, we have been bringing more effective than traditional treatment and at the same time relatively more safe and eco-friendly services. The principles of PestFree is aim to reduce the use of chemical treatment to maintain a “Green Pest Free program”.


Our Mission

To provide safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible pest control solutions that protect public health, the environment, and property, while exceeding customer expectations through exceptional service and ongoing innovation.


Our Vision

To be the leading provider of sustainable pest control solutions in India, known for delivering high-quality, environmentally responsible, and customer-focused services.



The objective of Pest Free as a pest control company can vary depending on the specific company's goals and values. However, a typical objective for a pest control company could be:

  • To provide effective and sustainable pest control solutions that protect public health, the environment, and property.
  • To implement integrated pest management (IPM) practices that minimize the use of chemicals and protect the environment.
  • To provide customer-focused services that exceed client expectations.
  • To continuously improve and update pest control methods to stay ahead of evolving pest populations and new pest threats.
  • To promote public health and safety by controlling pests and reducing the risk of pest-borne diseases.
  • To be recognized as a reliable and reputable pest control company, known for delivering high-quality, environmentally responsible, and customer-focused services.
  • To expand the company's reach and provide pest control services to a wider range of clients, including residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • To provide job opportunities and support the local economy.


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Pest Free Services is India’s best pest control service, fumigation service,
and sanitization service, providing and delivering products to our loyal
customers in residential and commercial premises in over 100+ cities in
India. Pest Free Services brings you a legacy of over 15 years of pest
management expertise. We currently serve 50,000+ happy customers in
India. Here are some reasons why homeowners, businesses, & Industries
choose Pest Free over other pest control and fumigation companies.

Trusted Since 2015 & ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

We believe in providing the best services and maintain healthy relations with every business and clients.

A history of excellence

A leader of pest management industries in anti termite treatment over 15+ years.


Customers Reviews

Arish Nehra
Arish Nehra
Hard working and friendly people gets a good result to customer excellent work by Sourabh Bhaskar
Best pest control service provider in Noida
Mainuddin Siddique
Mainuddin Siddique
Best serv8ce provid
I am satisfied and recommend thanks
krishna Radhe
krishna Radhe
I recently had to ship some wooden boxes overseas and needed to ensure that they met the ISPM-15 requirements. After some research, I came across Wooden Box fumigation with ISPM-15 certificate in Noida. I was impressed with their website and decided to give them a try. The team at Wooden Box fumigation was very professional and knowledgeable. They explained the entire fumigation process to me and ensured that all the wooden boxes were properly treated and certified with the ISPM-15 mark. They also provided me with all the necessary documentation for customs clearance. What impressed me the most was the team’s attention to detail. They took the time to inspect each wooden box and made sure that they were properly sealed and treated. They also used safe and effective chemicals that did not harm the environment or my belongings. Overall, I was very satisfied with the service provided by Wooden Box fumigation with ISPM-15 certificate in Noida. They made the entire process hassle-free and ensured that my shipment met all the necessary requirements. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their services.
Vijay Vijaykumar
Vijay Vijaykumar
Yeah I am very satisfied with Pest Free Services Export fumigation service in Noida. This company p ovide a fumigation service and certificate timely.
Monika Kashyap
Monika Kashyap
Mr.Sourabh Bhaskar very supportive and good person. He is provide one of the best termite control treatment for my home at affordable prices. Mr sourabh bhaskar first come for inspection then provide a effective treatment. Thanks
Bhola Kumar
Bhola Kumar
Best services
Sahil Siddiqui
Sahil Siddiqui
I am satisfied with the service of pestfree services termite control service in Noida. And i recommended to other get this company services


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