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    If you looking for the best pest control services for your residential, commercial and industrial premises so it is right place for you. Pest Free Services are specialists in providing 100% safe, effective, and best pest control service all over India and also including some main cities are Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, Noida, Greater Noida, Meerut, Panipat, Sonipat, Mumbai, Indore, Bhopal etc. We currently serve 50,000+ happy customers in India with our experts.

    Our team is certified with professional pest control service provider. We follow the pest management principles of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and use advanced smell-less pesticides for pest control that do not harm any human or pet and our service is the best and 100% safe.

    And Also we are committed to our clients that we provide the best pest control service or pest solution near your residential places and commercial places to control all types of pests like termite control service, rat and mouse control service, mosquito control service, beetle control services, etc. with a reliable price and service guarantee. Get our best & professional best pest control service near you Call Us or Book Now Today.

    We control the following pests categories and many more:-

    Termites Pest Control Service Provider


    Take our best and professional termite control service for prevent furniture and other wooden itmes from eaten by termite.
    Cockroach Control Services


    We use advanced gel based technique to control cockroaches, so that cockroaches cannot come back after treatment.
    Bed Bugs Control Service

    Bed Bug

    Mainly for control bedbugs in home we are used Goverment approved smell less chemicals and spray on bedbugs.
    Mosquito Control Service Provider In Ghaziabad


    Mosquito carriess harful diseases and these diseases are very risky for health so control mosquito with our experts and be safe.
    Fly Control Service

    Fly Control

    Flies are the very irritating and nasty pest because they sit outside in dirty places and sit on food items in the house and because of this you can also get sick so Get our best fly control service stay safe and enjoy.

    Ant Control

    We provide the best and most effective spider control service at very reasonable prices. This treatment is safe, and effective with our expert team & used smell less chemical which do not harmful for human & pets.
    Rat And Rodent Control Service

    Rat & Mouse

    Rats and rodents cause a lot of harm like chew clothes, books, and other items at home, office and indutrial premises, but now there is no need to worry because Pest Free is an expert in controlling rats and rodents.
    Beetles Pest Control Service


    To save your stored grain from the damaging beetles, take our best and 100% effective beetle control service at the best price. We are used to controlling beetles in grain with government-approved pesticides.
    Bee Control Service Provider In Ghaziabad

    Bee Control

    Pest Free is the best silverfish control service providing company in India. Our Professional team help you to control silverfish in your premise at reasonable prices.
    Mites Control Service


    Mites rarely transmit disease in humans but inflicting severe skin irritation which will cause intense itching. So you need to hire professional mites control expert.
    Moth Control Service In Ghaziabad


    Moth are not harmful pest but they will cause many damage to clothes, food, and others. If you suffer from allergies, moths might aggravate your symptoms.
    Lizard Control Service


    Are you looking for a best and 100% effective lizard pest control service provider for your home & office so, don't worry because We are hear for provide best lizard control service.

    Hire The Best And Most Affordable Best Pest Control Company Near You.

    The leading best pest control company help you complete pest control solution at affordable prices In India.

    Protect your home, office, and living places from harmful pests. Harmful pests can harm you and your pets in your house, these Harmful pests can make you sick in different ways like cockroaches crawling on your food plate You do not even know and you eat food on those plates and you get food poisoning and other termite eats the furniture of your house and ruins you and you also lose money and time.

    That’s why we are professional pest control service providers that provide you with eco-friendly and best pest control service that too an affordable price. We provide the complete best pest control solutions by following the rules of IPM (Integrated Pests Management).


    Why Pest Management Is Important ?

    1. 1. Rodents eat around 20% of the world’s food supply.
    2. 2. The majority of harmful pests, including mites, fleas, and ticks, are spread by rodents.
    3. 3. Diseases spread by rodents can affect both people and other animals.
    4. 4. Due to bug bites and stings, 500,000 people are admitted into the emergency room.
    5. 5. Pests like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes may spread dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, malaria, and plague to people.
    6. 6. Termites alone cost an average of $5 Billion in property damage repair.
    7. 7. Each year, more than 45,000 individuals are bit by rats, which increases their risk of contracting illnesses including trichinosis, salmonella, rat bite fever, and plague.
    8. 8. Food safety, food regulation, and health standards could not be properly maintained without the use of pest management practices.
    9. 9. Many people (7-8% of the general population) are allergic to the allergens found in cockroaches. Recent research arc: AAFA,
    10. 10. Among all insects, cockroaches are regarded as being among the dirtiest.

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    Read Some Questions And Answer For On The Best Pest Control Services Import

    Why do you need professional pest control services?

    Professional pest control services are needed for their expertise in identifying and effectively managing various pests, ensuring safety in handling chemicals and equipment, providing customized solutions, and implementing preventative measures. They save time, reduce health risks, offer long-term cost savings, help with compliance, and provide peace of mind. Guarantees and warranties often come with their services, making them a reliable choice for pest management.

    What type of pests are treated by pest control services?

    Pest control services are equipped to treat a wide range of pests, including insects (ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, etc.), rodents (mice, rats), arachnids (spiders, ticks), wildlife (raccoons, squirrels), nuisance animals (pigeons, moles), wood-destroying organisms (termites, carpenter ants), stored product pests (pantry moths, grain beetles), and pest birds (pigeons, seagulls), depending on the region and local pest populations. They employ various methods to manage and eliminate these pests effectively.

    Is pest control safe?

    Pest control can be safe when carried out by trained professionals using approved methods and products. They follow safety protocols to protect human health and the environment. Proper product selection, environmental consideration, and compliance with regulations are essential. Homeowners should also follow safety instructions provided by pest control professionals to minimize risks.

    How much does pest control service cost?

    The cost of pest control services varies widely based on factors such as the type of pest, severity of infestation, treatment method, property size, location, and provider. Prices can range from a few hundred to several thousand rupees.

    Is monthly pest control necessary?

    Monthly pest control is not necessary for every situation. Its need depends on factors like the type of pest, severity of infestation, property type, location, and preventive or reactive approach. Consulting with a pest control professional helps determine the appropriate treatment schedule for your specific circumstances.

    Why should I choose residential pest control services?

    Choosing residential pest control services is beneficial because they can effectively eliminate and prevent pest infestations, ensuring your home is safe, comfortable, and free from health risks associated with pests. Professionals have the expertise, equipment, and safe methods to address various pests, and regular service can prevent future problems, potentially saving you money on costly repairs and replacements caused by pest damage.
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