Container Fumigation Service

Container Fumigation Service For Export Shipments To Control Pests Entering Other Countries.


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    Container Fumigation

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    We Pest Free Services provides the best and most affordable container fumigation service through a quick, safe, effective, and stress-free solution.


    Many countries often follow a standard practice that involves fumigating the shipping containers to prevent the entry of pests into your country because they are thought to bring viruses and diseases. There are two distinct forms of container fumigation, which are divided according to the weight of the cargo.

    Full Container Loaded(FCL)Fumigation

    When exporting goods and packaging, a Full Container Load (FCL) fumigation is frequently carried out. The shipping container's cargo will be fumigated, and the gas will be trapped there for at least a short while before being released. The doors will then be sealed, and only then will the container be able to be delivered.

    The treated contents and container are then given a fumigation certificate. The fumigator treats the cargo according to the appropriate fumigation regulations based on its destination and if it contains wood packaging material (WPM).

    Loose Container Loaded(LCL)Fumigation

    It is simple to identify a Loose Container Load (LCL) fumigation because it is too little to fill a full container. As a result, the goods will travel in the same container as other LCL products owned by other owners.

    The cargo is kept with exception of other items so that it can be fumigated. The forwarding agent's premises are often where the fumigation takes place. Before being vented, the goods receive a fumigant treatment beneath gas-proof sheeting for a minimal amount of time.

    The treated products are later given a fumigation certificate. Then, depending on the destination and if it contains wood packaging material (WPM), it is placed into the container. The fumigator applies the appropriate fumigation standards throughout this process.

    Empty Container Fumigation

    In empty container fumigation, we can fumigate empty containers before loading goods.


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