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    Fumigation Service

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    Fumigation Service Accordance With The ISPM-15 & NSPM-12 Norms Of Directorate Of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, Government Of India

    Fumigation is an approved treatment method extensively used for controlling pests and disease infestations in agricultural products, empty containers, foodstuff, Timber, and other packing materials including dunnage in many countries of the world. Most of the countries require all the goods export/import from one country to other country to be treated prior to shipment in order to satisfy their own quarantine requirements.
    Pest Free Services is accredited by the Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine and Storage, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, as per NSPM-12 & NSPM-22 which has carried out fumigation of cargo (stack/container/pallets) in PAN India as per the respective overseas quarantine purpose. This company has also given special emphasis and attention to carrying out fumigation as per ISPM-15, NSPM-11 & NSPM-22.

    We have a Government-authorized license number.

    1. ISPM-15 Fumigation License Number Is IN - 723/MB(For Ghaziabad/Panipat/Meerut/Delhi NCR/Noida etc.)

    2. ISPM-15 Fumigation License Number Is IN - 902/MB(For Bhopal/Indore/Ujjain/Dewas etc.)


    Types Of Fumigant

    Methyl Bromide Fumigation

    Methyl Bromide Fumigation

    Methyl bromide is a fumigant that has been given approval by the worldwide plant protection conversion and is frequently used to treat hardwood packaging material in cargo for exporting goods. The action of the fumigant lasts for 21 days in the containers, which is a long time for exporting products to the destination, but it only controls existing infestations and offers no protection against any future re-infestations. Methyl bromide is used as a fumigant because it has the potential to kill all species of insects at all life stages and can reach every corner of the warehouse where other insecticides fall short. As a provider of fumigation pest control services, we use methyl bromide fumigation to get rid of pests like nematodes, rodents, and weeds from agricultural products, food, empty containers, wood, and other agricultural products. This fumigant is a popular choice for quarantine treatment in every country.

    Aluminum Phosphide Fumigation

    An extremely powerful indoor and outdoor pesticide and rodenticide is Aluminium Phosphide (AlP). The active form of AlP, phosphine (hydrogen phosphide, phosphorus trihydride, or PH3), is produced when moisture in the air interacts with phosphide granules. The majority of exposure incidents involve acute poisoning with a suicide aim. AlP causes significant oxidative stress, inhibits cytochrome oxidase, and obstructs cellular respiration. Severe metabolic acidosis and severe, refractory shock are the major symptoms of AlP poisoning. Since there is no cure, supportive care is the mainstay of therapy. Human poisoning cases have a death rate of 30–100%.



    Aluminium Phosphide Fumigation
    Fumigation Certificate For Export/Import Goods

    Fumigation Certificate

    All wooden items must complete fumigation before being shipped internationally. This covers wooden furniture, pallets, and other wooden products. For products made of wood, such as cardboard, particleboard, and other synthetic wood derivatives, it is not necessary. A fumigation certificate for export must include information about the process's goals, fumigants used, how long they were applied for, and the temperature range.

    Types Fumigation Service

    Why export Fumigation Service Is Important for shipment?

    Fumigation Service is required to kill all types of pesticides, and insects on the wood. It is mandatorily required for all types of Export Seaworthy and Airworthy shipments within countries controlled by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC Fumigation) for Pest Control.


    On Which Ports Do We Provide Fumigation Service?

    Validation Period of Fumigation

    Fumigation has been carried out in accordance with the ISPM-15 & NSPM-12 norms of the Directorate of Plant Protection, Quarantine & Storage, Government of India. The Fumigation Treatment has no residual effect on preventing re-infestation of common insects after 21 days, therefore we can offer no guarantee in this respect. No liability is attached to the certifying company or its proprietor or representative with respect to certificate.

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