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We Pest Free Services offer you affordable and 100% effective termite control service to protect your property from termites at your commercial and residential locations. We have 20+ years of experience in termite control in commercial and residential buildings across India. Our termite control service is divided into two phases: >>Pre-construction anti termite treatment. >>And post-construction anti termite treatment.
Termite Control Service Details :
Process of Termite Control Treatment

Termite Control Treatment Are Done In Two Stages

1. Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment basically  done by two types 

a) Soil Treatment :

Soil Treatment Pre-construction chemical treatment measure according IS 6313( Part 2) To make the soil treatment effective the chemical water emulation is applied in needed lozenge on entire area of ground covered by the structure.
Procedure of Application :
Termicide chemicals( conforming to applicable Indian norms 6313) in water conflation shall be applied by pressure pumps, slightly over the area treated.

  1. Treatment of column recesses, wall fosses and basement excavations.
  2. Treatment of top face of plinth filling
  3. Treatment of soil girding pipes, wastes and tubes
  4. Treatment of expansion joining’s
  5.  Treatment at junction of the wall and the bottom
  6. Treatment of soil along external border of building
Termites Control Service
anti termite treatment piping system

b) Anti-Termite Piping System:

Piping systems are a very cost-effective method for anti-termite treatment. This is the latest technology and can be installed before the floor is made. This termite piping system consists of a flexible PVC chemical hose suitable for delivering complete tamicide under new building slabs or as a perimeter barrier on existing buildings. It is the only reticular system that has the ability to disperse chemical foam dispersing chemicals in the required areas. These specially designed systems consist of a pipe or hose that runs into the soil on the side of a building or in most cases under paths, slabs or pavers. Once the premises are ready, the anti-termite chemicals are injected into the pipe network with special pressure pumps which spread evenly from one end of the premises to the other. The pipe has evenly spaced holes through which termicide foam can be pumped out to create a treated area to impede termite entry. The long-term benefit is that there is no need to raise pavers, tech soil, disturb gardens, or drill paths, which means cost savings for you. This treatment should be repeated whenever necessary.

2. Post-Construction Anti Termite Treatment

Post-construction anti termite treatment can be done after the building is finished and ready to be settle or even if the building is already occupied, this method is still workable. All work shall in general be executed as specified in IS:6313 Part III-1981 and as per approved specification. In this method a 12 mm hole is drilled at the joint point of the wall and the floor by a drill machine at a distance of 12 mm and then through a hand operated pump, the chemical is pumped into it, which gets mixed with the soil. And whatever termite is coming into your house through the soil, it gets destroyed. Going to the items spoiled by termites, they check by spraying chemicals and if that stuff has become more useless then it has to be removed.

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